Thursday, August 25, 2011

Hurricane's...Walk Through's....and New Begginings

Hi's Thursday morning again...gee the day's are flying by...I have a big day's walk through day for my daughter and her sweetie at her NEW my husband and I are up early to by on the road soon. I wanted to say Hi before I start the day. I am still praying for hurricane "IRENE"...we will have something from this powerful storm but the prayer is that the eye miss us...that the Lord in his grace will pull that Irene right out into the ocean....I have some quick pic's to share then I have to scoot..but I'll be thinking of all you and hugs..........blessings too...Karena

Love this old print and her oval frame
I'm have some affection for this plant holder...hoping someday it can come live at our house...
This grouping of topiary was precious at "Michael's"
This is our illusive "Lilly"...she is sort of old....truth be told...she only has eyes for my sweetie...


  1. Nice to meet you Karena. Glad you found my blog. Lilly is so cute. Hope to see you Monday for my newbie party.

  2. I know you guys are super excited about the new home! Can't wait to see pics:) Enjoy your day and "stay away IRENE"!



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