Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Living a Loblolly Moment....

Good Morning Girls...I wanted to tell you that yesterday in our neck of the woods we had an EARTHQUAKE...Now I know that may be even harder to believe when I tell you I do NOT live in sunny I am on the East 2:00 yesterday from New York to North Carolina we were shaking...rattling...and rolling. My animal friends freaked out but other then that nothing broke or cracked Praise God...I was feeling a little "off kilter" while it was happening just because for 18 years I haven't had to worry about the earth moving beneath daughter called to check on me...she said "Momma could we have one more natural disaster for our closing this week"....bless her heart with Hurricane Irene bearing down and the earth shaking she was that leads to my request this morning...Please be praying for us in the Mid-Atlantic this week regarding Irene the news said just now that she could hit us as a level 4 hurricane....but with one "wink" from our heavenly father she could blow north of us out to sea and spare us all ......if we could just get a good dose of rain from her that would be good...I am off to help my angel finish her packing...closing is girls will be in my thoughts....blessing and big hugs to you.....Karena


  1. Oh my goodness, I will be praying for the wink from our Heavenly Father:) Hopefully the shake and rattle will make Irene ROLL on off in the ocean and JUST give you all some good rain! BIG hugs and continued prayers!

  2. Karena- I followed your link back from my blog where you signed up as a follower. I just read your posts and you are just the sweetest thing ever! I am signing up to be a follower here, too!

    Now...being as you are kind of a newbie-do you know about DebbieDoo's blog? She introduces newcomers and if you want to grow your blog you will get lots of help there.

    I am happy you found me so I could find YOU! xo Diana

    ps...Not sure where you are on the East Coast but I grew up in PA!

  3. Karena- Did you know that no one can post comments to your current blog posts? If you do -that's okay...but if you want comments you need to change your settings to allow people to post a comment. Just thought you would want to know- xo Diana


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