Monday, August 22, 2011

Thinking of my Daughter........

Hi Girls....are you's 7:28 in the AM....I have been up for a while now...I've been outside talking to my Garden fixed some things inside that needed it...and now I wanted to talk to my BEAUTIFUL DAUGHTER..I wanted to celebrate with her this morning ...because today is the beginning of a new chapter of her life....she and her sweetie have purchased their FIRST HOME...yep they found an adorable place to own ...this is the Monday Morning of the week they will close on their first my sweet girl how excited are YOU....this is your Momma reminding you to jump into the HAPPY pool and swim around for a while....get a good drenching of what this  feels like because you will never experience having your "FIRST THIS HOUSE  BELONGS TO US" moment .. a second time....I just want to tell you how proud I am of you happy I am to share this exciting.... FIRST....with  both of you...these next few days will FLY by ...before you know it will have a new key to add to your key ring.......SO ....know that I am thinking of you so much this week ....I love you with all my heart....AND I am here if you need any last minute help....I can hear the clock ....tic toc ...tic toc...tic tocking  its way to ...MOVE IN DAY....                          Thank you girls for indulging me's a happy time for us....I am blessed to share it with you ...I hope you all have a brilliant day...blessings and big hugs ....Karena


  1. Good Monday Morning dear Karena! Congratulations to your Daughter and her sweetie! I remember that day SOOOOO many years ago, but I DO remember that feeling, excitement and dreams coming true! Can't wait to see pictures! Have a blessed day my friend, HUGS!

  2. What a happy time for your alway's make's us proud as momma's to see our children prosper and do good. Thank's for sharing.


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