Thursday, June 30, 2011

My Floating Friend.....

This beautiful Swallow Tail Butterfly flew into my backyard a couple of years ago our cottage in Carolina...I was letting our dog Terza out ...when I stepped out onto the porch the butterfly bush I planted was finally was HUGE...taller then me and .. beautiful.... I stopped cold when I saw him he was ....SO BIG ....I saw him fly up on the rain gutter as soon as I walked out I know this sounds silly but I talked to him...I said..."Oh Mr. Butterfly don't be afraid of me..I want to take your picture...with that he floated down to the bush again...smack dab in the middle where I could get a wonderful "up close and personal" picture of him... (on my phone). He stayed there for a few minutes I took 5 or 6 shots of him....then he hovered in front of my face for a moment ...I could feel the little breeze his wings made on my cheeks....then he flew away.......I said ....GOOD-BY FRIEND....I felt that experience in a deep way...because I got the Butterfly Bush for a dollar ...on Mother's Day. ...I dreamed of nothing else that whole summer but having it grow tall and strong so it would invite the Butterfly's......but not until the end of  Sept did I experience this ....I'll close by saying the Lord always gives us the desires of our hearts...if were patient...and we pay blessed today girls...hugs..Karena


  1. Hi Honey! I am so glad you found the picture of our butterfly. That is the biggest butterfly I have ever seen! He came that day to deliver a message about God's love for us and the beauty of His handiwork. Imagine!

    Now we have another butterfly bush in the back yard and I can't wait to see more butterflies. I love you!

  2. I have this picture but when I moved everything to my new computer it got buried under all the duplications. So glad you found it. I want to see him in person ?!?

    I see your comments are working again. Thanks for sending me out on "the porch" again.

    love, Nan


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